At FOCUS Employment Solutions, we value what our clients have to say and are happy to share that feedback. Take a look at the testimonials for our career development agency, and you’ll see that we’ve helped many people in your shoes. We also encourage you to check out our resources for more information.

Let our career development agency help you find a job that you’ll excel in. We are very appreciative of all our clients and their testimonials.

“FOCUS Employment Solutions did an amazing job with my resume; I found the perfect job out of college in human resources!!”
~ Taiana Hale

“I requested a resume review from Constance during a time of increasing work volume early during the Covid-19 pandemic. Constance's review was comprehensive, timely, incisive and supplemented with recommendations for improvement. I highly recommend her services.”
~ Cheryl Scott MD MPH

“Constance’ experience with resume writing was quite obvious. She put me on the right path very quickly ensuring my resume was formatted in a widely acceptable style and able to parse through any ATS system with the right keywords for my work experiences. Her assistance was most appreciated.”
~ Christopher Taylor, J.D.

“I was uncertain for a while about enlisting the help of a resume writer, but I am so happy that I found Constance Hammond. Constance was the ultimate professional; she took the time to walk me through the process and answer my questions. I ultimately chose the resume with cover letter service, which definitely paid off. Once I posted the final resume, I received interview requests immediately. It was a bit overwhelming to determine the time and dates to schedule the abundance of interview requests. That’s a testament to the detailed, sophisticated, well-written resume and cover letter that Constance prepared for me. With Constance’s assistance, I received emails and calls from many different organizations in various states with much higher salaries than I had previously received. I owe it all to Constance. Thank you for your guidance and assistance with my timeless resume and cover letter. You provided me with tools I can use and expand on as my career progresses. I would take advantage of your services again. Thanks, Constance, you are the absolute best.”
~ Laquita J. Mitchell, M.B.A., Welch Scholar, SC Notary Public

“Constance helped me with creating an outstanding resume that supports my professional ambitions.”
~ Bernd Viertel

“10 out of 10 would recommend! I was extremely new in what a resume should have. I was including every little thing and didn’t even receive a callback. Constance is a true professional and she takes her time to get to know you. I went from having no callbacks, no offers, not even an application view to having multiple recruiters from all over reach out. Recruiters were asking if I could relocate because Constance ensured my resume detailed my experience to perfection. If you want someone who will have you in awe at your own resume, choose Constance!! You will not be disappointed!!”
~ Shabria Brownlee

“Constance was very helpful with updating my resume and provided a professional perspective that I needed when updating my portfolio.”
~ Ethan Watters, PMP, PSM

“Constance was extremely helpful from our initial conversation and throughout the process. I was able to secure an amazing job offer from the resume. From my resume I got two quality interviews and got offers from both positions within two weeks. This was not happening with my old resume. So thankful for Constance + teams’ speedy service!”
~ Saprina Batts

“FOCUS Employment Solutions and Constance were a great resource for getting my resume updated to match my background. I would highly recommend their services!”
~ Robert Vonch

“I reached out to Mrs. Constance Hammond at FOCUS Employment Solutions to help with my resume revamped. After setting up a consultation with Mrs. Hammond, she took the time to listen to my needs. The next step I had was to complete an assessment to give Mrs. Hammond a better understanding of my in-depth needs. I was so excited that after speaking with her that I would be well on my way to finding my new career dream job in Human resources. Today, February 23, 2022, I received an email from an organization interested in discussing my qualifications. Are you looking for someone to get your career off the ground?
Please look at this organization's many services. I know you will not be disappointed. Satisfied Customer”

~ Jacqueline Freeland, MBA

“I would recommend this company 100 + times. Thanks for your time and expertise.
Thanks again Iyshi”

~ Iyshi R. Johnson

“I would be out of my mind to not write a recommendation for Constance and her team! RESULTS! Since using Constance's wording and template for updating my LinkedIn profile, I have been contacted by so many recruiters that I am almost overwhelmed. Constance is a PROFESSIONAL! Her turnaround time was seven days, and once I followed her instructions, I have been getting offers and messages. If your intent is to be highly marketable in a competitive job market, I 100% recommend that you DO NOT hesitate on this investment. Her price is reasonable for the skillset she provides and the results, I assure you, you will not be disappointed (unless of course you just don't want to work).”
~ Debbie-Ann Smith

“Constance produced a winning resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile wording that conveyed my in-demand skills and competencies, and landed me an amazing role with a fantastic organization. Trust her and trust the process.”
~ Tori Vogt, MBA

“If you require an updated resume, interviewing skills, or just a positive connection, Constance is the go-to! she went above and beyond to not only format the best CV for my field but truly sought out to know me as a person in order to make my resume show my attributes and personality! She makes the job search more than having a good resume but is a great human and person!! I'm so glad we connected! She truly is a blessing to work with!!”
~ Marsha Williams, BA, CPCO, CCRP

“Professional- Helpful -quick response”
~ Maged Abdlnour

“Constance is amazing! We had a casual conversation and she used that information to find the hidden gems I had ignored in my career profile. She also provided much-needed encouragement when I had hit a plateau in my career. Hire her! She's worth every penny.”
~ Angela Jones

“I was in need of a resume that would include my new credentials. With much research, I contacted Constance Hammond, MBA-HRM. Constance responded quickly and explained in detail how she could help me after listening to my background and my desire for an awesome resume. Communication with her was spot on, with never any gaps. Once I saw my draft, I could not wait to start putting my new resume out to be seen. The cover letter was just as wonderful, with the option to input new companies, and titles. Constance supersedes my expectations.”
~ Wanda Henry

“I am very pleased/excited to say that I was extremely impressed with the traditional resume that Constance created and designed for me. She was a joy to work with, and her work speaks for itself! My resume was even completed before the expected completion date. She is a true professional who's very knowledgeable and it's obvious she is passionate about what she does.

She is definitely worth the fees that she charges.

I would highly recommend speaking with her and using her services to advance your career.”
~ Latasha Deloach

“Working with Constance was very productive and efficient. I am very pleased with the final results and would highly recommend using this team to improve and update your resume. I'm also pleased with the recommendations and updates on the social platforms I am regularly engaged on. I highly recommend checking out the FOCUS Employment team for consideration in writing and updating your resume and social media profiles.”
~ Russell Woolfolk

“Constance and the FOCUS team wrote my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. They did a great job! I found their service and support to be reasonably priced, professional, and quick. Communication was excellent. I enjoyed the revision process, and am very pleased with the results. I am happy to recommend them.”
~ Jim Weldy

“Constance was a tremendous help in my job search. I will definitely continue to use the technics discussed in my continued career path.”
~ Kelly White

“I love the experience I had with Constance Hammond. She showed great concern and care for my needs which made the process stress-free and easy. In one draft I was BEYOND satisfied and pleased with her work!

Constance is AMAZING! She is professional. To work with someone that is always available to answer your questions, responds back in record time, and provides exceptional customer service is important, especially in times like these. I highly recommend working with Constance. You will not be disappointed!”
~ Juanita Turner

“After a careful research I hired Ms. Constance Hammond to create a resume that reflected my skills and experiences. Her expertise is as stated. I strongly recommend anyone that needs this service to give her the opportunity. Within a few days I received the first draft and the final product in a week including a free cover letter. I am satisfied and so could you...”
~ Thomas Mike Sr.

“Great service! Delivered a great product ahead of schedule! Highly recommend!”
~ Dennis Boothe

“It had been a long time since I'd updated my resume and, as much as I'd like to think I can write my own (and I tried), there is a skill to writing an effective, relevant, attractive representation of my life's work that I don't possess. I knew I needed professional assistance. After interviewing 5 highly qualified professionals to do the job, I chose Constance. She was professional, punctual and a pleasure to work with. She laid out, in advance, the steps of her process and the associated timeline and followed that process to the letter. We finished with a beautiful final resume copy and free cover letter, both, impressive documents I feel proud to submit for any challenging role I choose. I would highly recommend Constance and FOCUS Employment Solutions for your employment support needs.”
~ Maria Robertson

“I highly recommend Constance. I do not have the words to describe how fortunate I am to have found her services. I purchased the federal resume. After using her services I was referred for series that before her, I never made it to. This would not be possible without Constance as before her I had applied for hundreds of positions without a callback. Since using Constance, I have had multiple interviews and now have to manage what position to accept. Using Constance is worth the investment.”
~ DaNia Childress

“Mrs. Constance Hammond is a friendly professional and makes sure everyone will get to their career goals, along with new info that no one even knows before. I'm very grateful for her guiding me to the better path of my upcoming new career. We need more good-hearted people like Mrs. Constance Hammond to make sure anyone is getting all the help they need on their utmost happiness in life.”
~ Lorenzo Smalls

“I highly recommend having your cover letter, resume, LinkedIn, or any professional documentation to enhance your career. Mrs. Hammond and her team were outstanding and I will have to say this gives me more confidence in employment market to pursue a future career in your field. Thank you so much.”
~ Craig Johnson

“Fantastic work helping reinvent my resume and professional online presence. Highly recommended!”
~ Nick DeBilzan

“Constance is the epitome of a true Human Resources Professional. She is firm, fair and consistent in all that she does. A leader in every capacity. Constance is an excellent mentor and a unique talent! I recommend Constance for any organization.”
~ DeShawn N. Wiggins, MBA

"Constance provided me a terrific support updating my resume and also she delivered on time all the drafts and final versions. She really understands the financial work market and she translate my experience in my resume using the correct “key words”. Thank you, Constance,”
~ Lourdes Ordonez

“Very helpful and very communicative throughout the whole process. I highly recommend her.”
~ Dave Goebel

“Constance and her team were very professional and did an amazing job with my resume.”
~ Kemberly English

“Constance goes above and beyond! She provided some valuable tips and exceeded my expectations when discussing my career search. Thank you again for your time and I highly recommend Constance for career coaching.”
~ Adrienne Williams

“Constance was very helpful as a sounding board for some ideas I had. She was patient, insightful, and very encouraging. I highly recommend her services and loved the fact that she is not pushy and will support however you need her.”
~ Kalesha Ervin, M.Ed.

“Constance Hammond was very helpful in assisting me with my resume. She was very nice and not overly aggressive in the beginning which made me choose to work with her because she didn’t pressure me and made me feel comfortable. My new resume and cover letter look very professional and I look forward to putting it out there for employers to see.”
~ Clayton Simmons

“Constance is very professional and she goes the extra mile! I have spoken with other coaches however; Constance so far has been the best! She seriously thrives in her field and has a passion for helping others. I am definitely going to stick with her for all of my coaching needs. Thanks again Constance for helping me get the job!!”
~ Jacinta Ellison

“Great service.”
~ Carlton Barnaby, MBA

“I am happy I chose Constance to work on my CV. She captured my skillsets and I am satisfied with the responses so far. Thank you.”
~ Omasan Maxine BUWA

“It has been an absolute pleasure talking with Constance Hammond. She was so supportive, motivating and highly professional. I have gained very valuable information and had such a positive experience.”
~ Alexis Samuels, MBA, BSHA

“Constance assisted me in updating my resume when I was struggling to articulate my experience in a way that would appeal to recruiters and hiring managers. Her consultative approach was appreciated, and her final product was outstanding! I cannot recommend her services enough.”
~ Ryan Brimmer, MBA

“Constance supplied me with the ultimate tools of a new Resume and Cover Letter that boosted my personal confidence. I have no problem submitting my resume in fear of it being unorganized or too inconsistent. I will be returning for any future needs. Thanks Constance.”
~ Moran Triplett Jr

“Constance was very professional and easy to work with. Everything she stated she would provide, she did and she did timely. She made herself available to me at all times and was very responsive to my inquires and needs. She provides a professional and excellent product which has helped me in my job search. I would recommend her services for anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

I appreciate her hard work and her diligence with making sure I have the tools needed to help me with my new career endeavors.

Thank you, Constance...."
~ Latanya Stancil-Flauta, MBM

“Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable about the industry. All promised deadlines were met. My experience with Constance exceeded my expectations.”
~ Angela Hart

“Constance Hammond gave me career advice and assisted me with understanding how to use my tools in HR. She also was very knowledgeable about HR concepts and the steps needed to excel in any HR function. I would recommend using Constance if you are looking to take your HR career to the next level!”
~ Keith Aiken

“I received Career Coaching from Constance Hammond on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. Constance opened my eyes to several ideas on how to improve my resume and make it more marketable; how to sharpen my interview skills to make a more preferable and lasting impact on potential employers; and she also provided a healthy boost to my self-confidence by bringing out many of my "positives" as we talked thru my "on the job" experiences from previous positions and how to hi-light them in the best possible manner to achieve my current goals. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND utilizing her services to assist you while seeking employment.”
~ Ron Brown

“My resume and LinkedIn profile needed a refresh after I decided to restart my career. Constance Hammond worked with me to showcase All of my skills and qualifications, ensuring that I really stand out in the job market. She took time to answer all my questions, and offered insightful suggestions. What a confidence booster! No matter where you may be in your career, or in the job market, I highly recommend her skills and knowledge to help your resume and LinkedIn profile truly shine!”
~ Christy K. Lombardo

“FOCUS Employment Solutions did an amazing job with my resume; I found the perfect job out of college in human resources!!”
~ Taiana Moore

“Great job on my resume, cover letter and profile! Easy to work with! Listens to and delivers exactly what you are looking for!”
~ Heather McNeely

“Constance gave me some great advice and tips during my search for a job. With the tips she guided me on I'm now employed after being unemployed for 3 months! Thanks so much!”
~ Erica Robinson-Butts

“Very professional and timely with their service. Loved the changes that were made to my resume, cover letter, and profile! Would not have been able to do it on my own. After only a few months of having my resume updated I was able to land a dream job with Amazon! Thanks, so much Constance!”
~ Amber Adams

“Very professional always in contact and delivers great work.”
~ Dionte Bell

“I was in need of a complete revamp as my resume hadn’t been touched in quite some time. Constance was very easy to work with, efficient and on time with everything she promised. Would definitely recommend her services.”
~ Steve Horch

“I recommend FOCUS Employment Solutions. My resume is well done and I’m hopeful. Thank you.”
~ Ogechukwu Ibim Amachree

“Constance was very engaging and professional. She listened to my requests and showcased her expertise throughout the whole process. She transformed my unprofessional resume an gave it life. The cover letter was exceptional and I am glad I worked with her. I highly recommended her and FOCUS Employment Solutions.”
~ Shamaro Ferguson, CAPM

“I recommend FOCUS Employment Solutions to anyone that needs a resume. Constance has great knowledge on how to professionally write your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter.”
~ Mina Gerges

“I could not have asked for a better resume! Constance Hammond has done everything I could have asked for, took everything I have provided, and made an excellent resume!”
~ Dylan Johnson

“Constance is a wonderful advisor and coach for many work-related issues and concerns. Her guidance has assisted me in making goal and career-oriented decisions to support my objective. Thank you, Constance, for your wisdom and knowledge.”
~ Dorothy Johnson

“Constance stands out professionally; resume writing and other services. Assignments were completed way before the deadline. Constance responded to every question that I had concerning my resume. I highly recommend Constance.”
~ Sharon Thomas

“I was introduced to Constance via LinkedIn. She did a fantastic job revamping my resume. She accurately highlighted my skills and emphasized my talents. The cover letter and the thank you letter were equally well written and conveyed the right tone. Constance answered all my questions and clearly explained everything to me – even the things I didn’t initially agree with. The tips she gave about updating my profile were spot on. I would recommend her and FOCUS Employment Solutions without reservation or hesitation. It was a great investment.”
~ Tanya Barnhill Turnley

“Constance was a great support to me for updating my resume and LinkedIn profile.”
~ Rashin Khodaei, PMP

“I was introduced to Constance through LinkedIn. She created a stellar resume and cover letter that I'm excited to send out to potential employers. Not only that, she was timely, informative and professional throughout the entire process. I have already recommended her to a friend because of the excellent service she provided and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their job search to the next level.”
~ Sarita Smith

“Thank you so much Constance for your very professional and timely services. You transformed my resume to highlight my most valuable skills that will undoubtedly attract my next opportunity. Thank you again!”
~ April Binion

“I was introduced to Constance via LinkedIn. I would absolutely recommend Constance for her services. She did an excellent job updating my resume and cover letter. She highlighted my skills extremely well in a format that will capture any recruiter's attention. She understood my career goals and provided terrific advice in addition to writing a great resume. She was very responsive, kind, and professional throughout the process. She completed my resume ahead of schedule with no revisions necessary. I can now send my resume and cover letter to employers with great confidence. In fact, I already have a few interviews lined up. Thanks Constance!”
~ Anthony Robinson

“LinkedIn introduce me to Constance via LinkedIn. I highly recommend Constance for her services. She did a great job updating my resume and highlighting my skills. She took the time to get to know me, understand my goals and provide recruiter insights. She is very responsive and works quickly to get the job done. Thanks Constance!”
~ Bria Demetrius

“My consult with Constance was awesome! Going from being generally knowledgeable to having a bit more structure and a clearer understanding of my goals was super helpful and removed a lot of my inhibitions. She gave me a great starting point, some easy-to-do tasks and a better understanding of my referral system ideas. I'm excited to work with Constance in the future!”
~ Nesha Mohip

“Constance was recommended to me by a friend who used her services, in the past. If you are needing your resume to be updated, enhanced or recreated I wholeheartedly recommend Constance. Her attention to detail and professionalism are exceptional and set her apart from others who provide the services she does!”
~ Rob Johnson

“I have worked in some form of customer service all my life and it is hard to impress me. I am very pleased and excited about the services I received from Constance she friendly, professional, good listener and very informed. I would highly recommend her for any services needed.”
~ Seretta Slack, MBA

“I thank you for your services and support on given me guidance and details to changing and redoing the format of my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn documentations. This has greatly given me more insights and understanding to what employers look for...along with strategies that can be used for best outcome for employment success.
Thank you again!”

~ Yuvette Underwood

“I thank you for your services and support on given me guidance and details to changing and redoing the format of my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn documentations. This has greatly given me more insights and understanding to what employers look for...along with strategies that can be used for best outcome for employment success. Thank you again!”
~ Yuvette Underwood

“Constance was very professional, kind, and courteous. The ending project was exceptional. I highly recommend her services.”
~ Tiffany McCoy

“I had the pleasure of Ms. Hammond’s expertise during a phone consultation. Ms. Hammond provided clear, personalized feedback on how to proceed in my career and ways to improve my resume. I was particularly impressed with her professionalism and experience in the field of Human Resources. I will definitely reach out to Ms. Hammond for additional services. I recommend her for anyone seeking career advice, especially geared towards resume building.”
~ Jocelyn Kelly, M.S., SHRM-CP

“Constance was hands on when it came to updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. The quality of service was exceptional. Constance was able to spend time getting to know who I am to showcase those qualities and skills on my resume. My resume is now complete and I am finally proud to share it. Thanks, Constance, for all your help!!”
~ Denise Lynch, MBA

“The level of service that I received from Mrs. Hammond was outstanding. Her availability for questions and comments throughout the process was great.”
~ Clyde Lane

“Ms. Hammond delivers.

She's prompt, focused, knowledgeable, and does what she says she will do.

Honestly, I went with a 'big name resume pro' first out of Charlotte. Don't make the same mistake I did, you'll find yourself 3 weeks out with a bag of excuses and no resume. Luckily, AMEX reversed the charge, so I wasn't out any money.

Ms. Hammond will contact you personally, personally email you throughout the resume creation and editing process, and ensure your satisfaction with the finished product. You won't get better service anywhere.”
~ Hugh Chisholm

“I recommend Constance Hammond for resume and LinkedIn profile development. For anyone that needs helps in recasting their work history to highlight what matters most-I recommend Constance. Resumes typically highlight bullets but rarely give context to what was happening at the time that you achieved the outcomes. Working with Constance changed all that for me; her engagement process surfaces up both the cause and effect of your professional accomplishments. After the engagement phase, she quickly conveys that information succinctly in the resume and LinkedIn profile.

When you are in the editing phase of your project, and you provide input; Constance “gets it” and responds quickly with revisions. I was hesitant initially, as I have invested in resumes in the past and was not entirely pleased with the outcomes, not the case here—I am a promoter of FOCUS Employment Solutions and Constance Hammond.

If you have great work experience and struggle at surfacing up those gems and highlighting them on your resume, please consider reaching out to Constance.”
~ Sarita Myers

“First class! Highly recommend Constance for any of the services she offers.”
~ Mitch Cohen

“I had the opportunity to work with Constance to update my resume and she did an awesome job pulling all of my experiences together to provide a more concise representation of who I am. She understood immediately my career goals and created a resume that reflected what I wanted to pursue. I would highly recommend her and her team to create your next resume.”
~ Tiffany Pringle, MBA, LSSGB

“It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Constance Hammond. I would like to take this time to thank Constance Hammond of FOCUS Employment Solutions. I found Mrs. Hammond to be very professional and responsive. She knew exactly what my goal was within the first few minutes of our initial conversation. She will have an answer to your questions or concerns within twenty-four hours or less. She did a great job on my resume and cover letter. Thank you!”
~ Terry L. Hughes

“Working with Constance and her team FOCUS Employment Solutions was so easy. From the very first conversation, I could tell that her goal was to give me exceptional customer service. Throughout the process she was on time and budget with an excellent work product. She is a true professional. I highly recommend Constance and her team.”
~ Matt McNevin

“Constance is extremely nice and made me feel reassured in my job search for entry level positions. I set up at phone call with her and she made sure any concerns I had were addressed and the entire process was a breeze!”
~ Bria Jackson

“I am so happy I chose FOCUS Employment Solutions to do my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page. FOCUS Employment Solutions took the time to listen to my career goals and gave me positive feedback on how to accomplish them. I highly recommend FOCUS Employment Solutions to anyone in need of their services.”
~ Linda Vincent-Charles, MBA

“I cannot imagine the amount of knowledge that FOCUS Employment Solutions LLC has. We had a great time, and yet we learned so much from Constance the CEO of FOCUS Employment Solutions. She is well seasoned with knowing much about the industry, and how things are run. Didn't know I was in for a DELIGHT. Thanks for having me. Definitely looking forward to working together on a few projects in the near future.”
~ Makedah Boyce

“FOCUS Employment Solutions is professional and timely. They go above and beyond the call of duty. FOCUS Employment Solutions name speaks for itself they are focused on customer service and serving with white glove service. FOCUS Employment Solutions has definitely gone above and beyond for me! You can't go wrong!”
~ Tiombae Wilson

“FOCUS Employment Solutions' did an outstanding job on my resume, cover letter, thank you letter and LinkedIn page. FOCUS Employment Solutions delivered those items in a timely and professional manner. I certainly recommend FOCUS Employment Solutions to provide their services to family, friends, and fellow professionals.”
~ John C. Grzybek, MBA, PMP

“It was a pleasure working with Constance on my resume writing process. She was very professional, on time, and responded very quickly with answers to my questions. I highly recommend her and will be using her again in the future.”
~ Dean Rushton

“Constance and her company were so helpful for my wife and I! Thanks to her, we were able to revive our profiles and resumes as we prepared to explore new job opportunities when we had not done so in years. Her personable manner and care that she exemplified at Elanco showed through with her patience with me and my schedule. I would recommend her and her company to anyone that needed career help--she will give you the keys for success.”
~ Robert Mims, ASQ CPGP

“I collaborated with FOCUS Employment Solutions and Mrs. Hammond regarding updating my ancient resume. Her company paid attention to my concerns and were proactive to details, as well as follow up with me every step of the way. Mrs. Hammond showed professionalism throughout the crafting of my document. The final product was excellent and well-crafted to my desire. She also created a perfect cover letter that illustrated my hidden experience. It is always good to collaborate with a true professional on matters that show case your talents to the outside world. Mrs. Hammond is a true professional and I will never hesitate to recommend her to colleagues who are in need of updating both their resumes and cover letters. Reach out to her immediately with concerns regarding your resume and letter of interest.”
~ Dr. Augustine Tatus

“I highly recommend Constance for career coaching. Constance provided me with practical career advice that I put to use right away. After following her recommendations, I was able to land my dream job!”
~ Letisha Paschal

“I worked with Constance on updating my resume which was about 4 yrs. old. She was very attentive to my needs and great at following up. She is a true professional and skilled at her craft. The overhaul of my resume and the creation of a cover letter yielded results almost immediately. The end result of this experience left me with a professional, well-crafted resume and the confidence to apply for the job I really wanted. Within 30 days of receiving my final resume I went on two interviews and started receiving more interest from potential employers. If you want to breathe new life into your resume Constance Hammond is the person to see!!!”
~ Jonathan Ross, MBA

“Great call with Constance. Very positive and uplifting. The advice she gave my partner and I was priceless. It's always good to get advice from those that are successful in the same industry, and to genuinely be interested in your forward progress and success. Thank you, Constance. Looking forward to our next call!”
~ Inn Dee

“Constance is a true professional industry expert. Her guidance and strategy have helped move me to the next level.”
~ Cheronda Maccanico-Shepherd

“My consultation with Constance was very helpful and informative. She thoroughly explained her services and how her company, FOCUS Employment Solutions can best service my needs. I felt she understood my concerns. I would highly recommend FOCUS Employment Solutions to anyone looking to improve their employment status.”
~ Ora Cook

“FOCUS Employment Solutions is great and resourceful. I can always count on them to provide excellence!”
~ Shilonda Savage

“Professional and friendly service. The agency absolutely believes in going the extra mile to appease the customer. I would highly recommend FOCUS Employment Solutions whether it's consulting for your business, resume writing services or placements they will deliver great results.”
~ Taniesha DaGreat

“Professional, responsive and compassionate in everything they do. FOCUS Employment Solution is not the average employment group, they go above and beyond with every contact.”
~ Shevon Nicole

“FOCUS Employment Solutions not only provides staffing solutions but they also have top notch resume writing staff.”
~ Cesar Larrainza

“I've had a great experience working with FOCUS Employment Solutions. They are very responsive and proactively provide regular updates!”
~ Lori Jones

“Constance has helped several of my friends including myself. Very professional and timely. I would definitely recommend to anyone.”
~ Chuck Ellis

“I reached out to Constance Hammond of FOCUS Employment Services via LinkedIn to have my resume updated. Constance quickly responded to my message, walked me through her organization’s resume writing process and exuded professionalism. Her customer service was great and she delivered both my cover letter and resume as promised. The final product was impressive with the professional layout and reflective content. I have already recommended FOCUS Employment Services to a few connections seeking resume writing services!”
~ Kelly Edwards

“After receiving a resume from FOCUS Employment Solutions, I was very pleased with the outcome. I have had my resume done several times over the years but there is no comparison to the professional quality of the product that I received from FOCUS Employment Solutions. I highly recommend this company and their services.”
~ Hiram Hammond

“The services provided by Constance was very precise and detailed. Any questions or concerns that I may have had for her were answered within a reasonable amount of time. Even after services were rendered, just knowing that if I needed additional services, I could depend on her to provide. Thank you, Constance, for your hard work and dedication in assisting me with a revised, professional resume.”
~ Saketha Duggan, MBA, MAED

“I was having a terrible issue with my then supervisor on March 17th (I received an offer for a new position yesterday). I in-boxed Constance about a mediation and needed information. Professional, Polished and Poised with precise instructions and follow-up. I'm so thankful for the conference call with Constance on that day because I was overwhelmed by the conversation with my supervisor.”
~ Karen Parrish

“FOCUS Employment Solutions provides professional services and always return your calls and emails promptly. In addition, FOCUS Employment Solutions provide current information related to branding.”
~ Sabrina Williams-Tutt

“I was provided very timely and professional service with a smile. It was wonderful to work with such a knowledgeable and passionate team!”
~ Mel Taylor

“FOCUS Employment Solutions provided professional and proficient service.”
~ Jasmer Heard

“Constance Hammond is a very talented professional in the world of Human Resources. She is a diverse senior recruiter and management professional with experience recruiting for multiple job categories. Not only is she great at what she does, but she is always very polite and willing to help. I am glad to have met her through a previous company. She can be an asset to any company.”
~ Shannon M. Grice

“Absolutely, without hesitation, I would recommend Constance in all shapes and forms. Not only as a "worker bee" but a person to rely on and count on when needing HR guidance. Constance proved to be an HR representative that many companies are lacking. Her dedication to employees and eagerness to fulfill their issues was evident the minute we had interaction. She is matter of fact and finds all possible tools to handle any problems she employees face. More companies need dedicated individuals like her, and I was happy to have her on my Vogtle team.”
~ Stephanie Billadeau

“I worked for Constance at MVV Staffing. Constance has the ability to motivate staff unlike any manager I have worked for. Her dedication to her team's success is truly genuine and the evidence is shown in the way that she shares her vast knowledge and experiences for the enrichment of those following her.”
~ RaShon Cardwell

“Constance is a very professional and diplomatic recruiter who reacts quick and responds to all applicants in a timely fashion, keeping the applicant updated and making the company stay top- of mind in the applicant’s preferences. She shows a high level of passion and energy about her career, demonstrating that her true mission is to connect talent with opportunity. Constance would be a great asset to any company in the industry of human resources.”
~ Angelica M, MBA

“Constance is very diligent at whatever task she is working on. She provides updated information almost daily and works very hard to place an individual in their desired industry. Constance even goes a step further by providing feedback from the potential employer, whether good or bad. Her work ethic is unmatched and greatly appreciated.”
~ Pamela Barnett

“Constance is someone you can depend on to follow through in all aspects of aligning the right candidate with the right employment opportunity.”
~ Ronald Ericksen

“Constance Hammond is a hardworking, recruiting professional who responds and reacts in a quick and timely manner. I would recommend her to another job without reservation.”
~ Chanita Nichols

“Constance Hammond is a recruiting professional who responds and reacts in a quick and timely manner. From our first interaction she has showed knowledge, patience, and dependability. I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for Ms. Hammond.”
~ Nashona Thompson, A.A.S.

“It has been a joy working with Constance. She's a true recruiting professional with a high level of integrity that knows how to motivate a team and create results.”
~ Sean Margalit

“Constance has been the epitome of professionalism. She is prompt in her communications, constant in her demeanor and has been diligent in her management while we have been doing business together. I would recommend her recruiting services.”
~ Michele Turanski

“Ms. Constance Y. Hammond has been an exceptional leader and mentor. It has indeed been an honor to have met such an individual. Her leadership skills, HR Knowledge, along with her honesty and clear perception of full cycle recruiting process is admirable.

With tremendous respect and admiration, I am happy to recommend Ms. Constance Y. Hammond”
~ Shawndetta Miller, MBA-HRM, MBA-BM

“Mrs. Constance Hammond, is a go getter! She is very smart, caring and an expert in Human Resources with a gift for coaching and mentoring. Constance set the standard for me when I think of a Human Resource Executive. She is very spiritual and encouraging. I would recommend Constance to any company as the one to go to for truth, creativity and caring for people. I truly enjoyed working with her and learned a lot from her. She's truly a leader!”
~ Carmen Clark

“Constance is a very detail oriented and professional person of whom I could always depend on and talk to. Whenever I needed some assistance from an HR perspective, Constance's door was always open. Constance is a very honest, trust worthy and open-minded person, and I'm honored to be connected with her. Thank you, Constance, for being such a great coworker and a friend. You are truly heaven sent.”
~ Barry Ford

“Constance is very detailed oriented and pays attention to details. She is awesome leader with great skills. A true asset to that will go above and beyond to handle any task placed before her.”
~ Rodney S Ferguson

“In every area as a business professional Constance has always been helpful and assisted when possible to help me to be the best. Constance is the best at talking with people and working with them in any area because she is a people person and I would love to work with her if given the opportunity. She is just a great person in everything she does.”
~ Elizabeth Tinker

“Constance is an awesome mentor because she has the ability to reach out and fulfill the needs of others. She has awesome people skills and one of her better attributes is her ability to reach out to people from all walks of life in an effort to help them to be more successful. Her integrity is above and beyond the norm. She would definitely be an important asset to any business and is definitely the right individual to partner with in any business.”
~ Naomi Thompson

“I have known Constance Hammond in a professional capacity, as a Human Resources Professional, for over 3 years and have found her to be honest, reliable, dedicated, conscientious and an excellent member of my team!”
~ Lakita Clark

“Constance always demonstrated the highest level of personal and professional integrity supporting her site as an HR representative. She worked to truly understand the nature of any issue and strove for win-win results for all parties involved. She is one of the top HR professionals I have had the pleasure of working with over a long career.”
~ Betty Seawell

“During our time working together in training at MCGHI, Inc., her for the HR department and me in IS, I was impressed with Constance's ability to manage and coordinate the variety of classes offered by her department, including obtaining resources, preparation for training, and completion of supporting documentation. Any training she set up ran smoothly and professionally. Working with her was always a pleasure.”
~ Leroy Arnette

“During the time of working with Constance Hammond, I found her to be profoundly knowledgeable in the area of Human Resource Management. She has an excellent eye for detail and the subtle recognition for talent in the most unexpected places. She was/is truly a pleasure to work with and around due to her fair and balanced approach to every individual. She would make a wonderful asset to any company she chooses to join!”
~ Jadda Williams

“Constance is passionate about marketing. She is constantly coming up with creative marketing ideas. When Constance is working on a project, she gives 100%. I have learned a lot of marketing ideas from Constance that are very effective and my business is growing.”
~ Sabrina Tutt, MBA, ASQ CQA

“Constance Y is a professional that strives for excellence. She's detailed oriented and cares about those under her leadership. She's a great asset to any company.”
~ Gladston Adderley

“Constance is an efficient, personable staff consultant who is persistent in achieving both her's and the company's goals.”
~ Ron Dorris, MHA, DPh, FACHE

“Constance Y. Hammond is a wonderful person to work with, she has integrity and ambition. She has work ethics that are phenomenal, taking difficult situations and simplifying them for you to grasp. Constance would leave you with so much encouragement you would believe you could conquer the world. Any organization would profit greatly for having Constance on their team.”
~ Janice Rice

“I have known Constance for over a year. I find her detail oriented and a people person.”
~ JDennis Thorgesen

“Constance is an outstanding employee (team member). She is creative, detailed oriented, excellent people skills, and a positive member of the team. Her credentials are strong and she is a credit. In my opinion, it was a good decision to hire her and am grateful that she is here at Strayer.

I would recommend her to another job without reservation. Outstanding team member with a lot to offer.”
~ Dr. Joe Holt (PhD)

“Constance is a very business-like person. She is a real go- getter, who spares no effort in getting the job done. She is also personable and love to work with and help others.”
~ Yvonne W.

“Constance is very organized and detailed; she is an excellent typist as well as a motivator. She was very knowledge of her job and doesn't need instructions to carry out a task. I learned a lot from Constance during the time we worked together.”
~ Wanda Lowe

“Constance Hammond has very creative marketing ideas. She is diligent and conscientious in any project she works on. She works to provide the best service possible to her customers. Constance is a team player. Any organization would do themselves well to have her as part of their team.”
~ Beverly Davis

“Mrs. Hammond is by far the best Human Resource Professional I have ever encountered in my lengthy employment history. She legitimately cares for people and goes the extra mile to provide extraordinary customer service. Her education and experience ensure her knowledge, which she freely shares. I would highly recommend her; she would be an absolute asset to any company!”
~ Melanie Taylor

“Constance was in HR and I had the privilege of knowing her closely through our association in the company Diversity Team. I was always impressed by Constance's integrity and personal commitments on all our team activities. More than a coworker she is a close personal friend of mine who gave so much encouragement and positive feedback. I treasure her friendship and I wish her all the Best of Luck in her life.”
~ Daniel George